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Smoky Brown Nanosital Synthetic Lab Created Faceting Rough for Gem Cutting - #151 - Various Sizes

Smoky Brown Nanosital Synthetic Lab Created Faceting Rough for Gem Cutting - #151 - Various Sizes

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Various weight pieces of Smoky Brown Nanosital lab created rough for faceting and gemstone creation.

This simulated stone has a light brown color similar to natural smoky quartz, transparent and has no inclusions.

Each piece is listed with weights for you to choose from. If you would like to see additional pictures of the piece(s) you would like, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to provide additional pictures for you to review.

Note: The color of the stone in the photo may vary slightly as not all computer monitors are calibrated the same.

he faceted gem is for example only, and is not included.

Main characteristics of Nanosital:
1. Nanosital's specific gravity index is very close to that of the other valuable gemstones such as topaz, sapphire, ruby and aquamarine.
2. Nanosital and the optical properties of the other popular color gemstones are very similar. Nanosital's main feature is its lack of unnaturally strong luster, which is typical of cubic zirconia, allowing the play of colors to remain attractive. It has a refractive index between 1.65 – 1.70 and dispersion of 0.015.
3. Nanosital's hardness (7 on Mohs scale) guarantees jewelry durability without the loss of its original look. The Nanosital hardness index (7) is higher than glass (5). but lower than one of the hardest materials - corundum (9)
4. Its high melting point allows the use of any colored Nanosital in lost-wax casting.
5. Its wide color range, full correspondence to a natural counterpart, perfect optical properties, total transparency, and absence of inner defects makes Nanosital the best, readily available rough jewelry material on the market.

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